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Coach’s Tip: 5 Keys to Business Success

Learn systems thinking or have your thinking done for you.

The Mindful Manager Update 26: Coaching 4

Mindful Managers coach. You can’t tell people what to do. It takes way too much energy and control. Coaching engages players in striving for their best within the team. Control leads to energy waste.

The Mindful Manager Update: The Business Game

Life is short. Business is a game.

The Mindful Manager Update 21: Quitters 3

Quitters 3 QUITTERS spend their TIME trying to get other people to QUIT. QUITTERS want you to follow their RULES. The main QUITTER RULE is MY RULES. The Mindful Manager offers simple tools and strategies for today’s manager. See Kindle Book, The Mindful Manager See my other works: Life Zones,  Psychological Fitness,  and Going Sane.  […]

The Mindful Manager Update: Your Vision

Vision, once found, is unerring. Faith powers it.

The Mindful Manager Update: You are a manager

You manage. How you manage is a decision. Mindful managers decide to manage in a particular way.

The Mindful Manager Update 32: Coaching 7

A team emerges when players strive for personal excellence. Without personal excellence players are spectators.

The Mindful Manager Update 12: Panic

Breathe or panic. It is pure physiology. Mindful managers learn to breathe.

Coach’s Tip: There are no timeouts

Everyone runs out of time. Mindful managers know it.

The Mindful Manager Update 30: Systems Thinking 1

The Mindful Manager is a systems thinker. See the system. Understand how it works. Coach players to excel.