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The Mindful Manager Update 58: Feeback

All feedback has delays. Think thermostat. Give FEEDBACK time to WORK. Repeat FEEDBACK often. Feedback identifies WHAT limits SUCCESS.   The Mindful Manager offers simple tools and strategies for today’s manager. See Kindle Book, The Mindful Manager See my other works: Life Zones,  Psychological Fitness,  and Going Sane.   

Coach’s Tip: Fear and Anger

The Mindful Managers learns that anger and fear are continuous. Learning to control them one of secrets to success.

Coach’s Tip: See the BIG picture

Many leaders and managers are busy fixing the problem right in front of them while missing the BIG PICTURE that is causing the problems they are busy fixing.

Coach’s Tip: Is versus Will

Adapting to what is leads to failure. Change is constant. Change drives what will be.

Coach’s Tip: Three Success Rules

To succeed focus on what limits your success.

Coach’s Tip – Delete.

Complexity is increasing. Learn to use for success.

The Mindful Manager Update: Do you have benchmarks?

Benchmarks determine performance standards. Most people don’t have them. Every employee needs to know what his/her benchmarks are.