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The Mindful Manager Update 31: Teams

Teams 1 – TEAMS share the same BIG PICTURE. TEAMS use the ARROW OF TIME for SUCCESS and PERSONAL MASTERY. TEAMS compete by striving for the efficient use of TIME. TEAMS take on a life. LIFE enriches everyone on the TEAM. TEAMS get rid of QUITTERS and REACTORS quickly. The Mindful Manager offers simple tools […]

Coach’s Tip: Command and Control Management is OVER

The Internet and social media connects employees outside of the company. Command and control management is OVER. This is a GOOD thing.

Coach’s Tip: Fear and Anger

The Mindful Managers learns that anger and fear are continuous. Learning to control them one of secrets to success.

Coach’s Tip: See the BIG picture

Many leaders and managers are busy fixing the problem right in front of them while missing the BIG PICTURE that is causing the problems they are busy fixing.

Coach’s Tip: 5 Keys to Business Success

Learn systems thinking or have your thinking done for you.

Coach’s Tip – Delete.

Complexity is increasing. Learn to use for success.

The Mindful Manager Update: Make sure your point of view works for you

Your Point of View either works for or against your success. Your POV is driven by your vision, beliefs, and willingness to change.

The Mindful Manager Update 26: Coaching 4

Mindful Managers coach. You can’t tell people what to do. It takes way too much energy and control. Coaching engages players in striving for their best within the team. Control leads to energy waste.

The Mindful Manager Update: Do you have benchmarks?

Benchmarks determine performance standards. Most people don’t have them. Every employee needs to know what his/her benchmarks are.

The Mindful Manager Update: Your breathing controls stress

Everyone experience stress. Learning mindful breathing controls stress.