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Coach’s Tip: Command and Control Management is OVER

The Internet and social media connects employees outside of the company. Command and control management is OVER. This is a GOOD thing.

Coach’s Tip: Fear and Anger

The Mindful Managers learns that anger and fear are continuous. Learning to control them one of secrets to success.

The Mindful Manager Update: Make sure your point of view works for you

Your Point of View either works for or against your success. Your POV is driven by your vision, beliefs, and willingness to change.

The Mindful Manager Update: Detachment

The game is not personal. Detachment is required.

The Mindful Manager Update 11: Breathe

Breathe controls how you see the world. When you don’t breathe you panic. When you panic you are not in control. When you are not in control you are no longer mindful.

The Mindful Manager Update 14: Misperception

Either you see WHAT IS or you are MISPERCEIVING. Mindful Managers work to see.