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The Mindful Manager Update 33: Teams 1

Teams win by using individual personal mastery within the context of shared vision. Either you are on the team or not.

The Mindful Manager Update 2: Vision

The Mindful Manager Update 2: Vision Vision gives you EXACT directions. Sea Turtles use the earth’s Magnetic Fields. Dogs use Smell. Humans have VISION. VISION is INNATE. VISION is UNERRING. VISION is REQUIRED to play THE GAME. It is IMPORTANT you KNOW SEE ARTICULATE your VISION.   The Mindful Manager offers simple tools and strategies […]

The Mindful Manager Update 30: Coaching 7

The Mindful Manager Update 30:   Coaching 7 Coaching 7 – Mindful Mangers create TEAMS. TEAMS require PERSONAL EXCELLENCE.   The Mindful Manager offers simple tools and strategies for today’s manager. See Kindle Book, The Mindful Manager See my other works: Life Zones,  Psychological Fitness,  and Going Sane.   

Coach’s Tip: Three Success Rules

To succeed focus on what limits your success.

The Mindful Manager Update 26: Coaching 4

Mindful Managers coach. You can’t tell people what to do. It takes way too much energy and control. Coaching engages players in striving for their best within the team. Control leads to energy waste.

The Mindful Manager Update 29: Coaching 6

A Mindful Manager coaches the person. A person has inner and outer. Coaching aligns inner and outer for performance excellence

The Mindful Manager Update 7: Victory

Harmony drives victory. Victory requires inner and outer.