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The Mindful Manager Update 5: Vision is NOT free

The  Mindful Manager Update 3: Vision is NOT free  VISION takes WORK. VISION takes LOTS of WORK. WORK takes TIME. VISION is CONTINUOUSLY evolving. The Mindful Manager offers simple tools and strategies for today’s manager. See Kindle Book, The Mindful Manager See my other works: Life Zones,  Psychological Fitness,  and Going Sane. 

The Mindful Manager Update: Coaching 2

Coaching is about performance measured in time. There are always winners and losers. Neither lasts forever.

The Mindful Manager Update: Connect

The Mindful Manager knows how and why to connect.

The Mindful Manager Update 8: Harmony

Mindful managers don’t star in soap operas.

Coach’s Tip: Time always wins.

Time ALWAYS wins

The Mindful Manager Update: The Game

How you win the GAME is determined by how you use TIME. Either you use TIME or TIME uses You.

The Mindful Manager Update 14: Misperception

Either you see WHAT IS or you are MISPERCEIVING. Mindful Managers work to see.