The Mindful Manager

Change is continuous for today’s manager.  Mindfulness helps managers adapt to change.


  1. FTC vs North Carolina Dental Board
    1) such boards found to actually be trade organizations per Feds: no ‘state agency’ immunity for members of a trade org
    2) Feds going after many states’ boards on this issue
    3) Trade org’s not allowed to deny or impede due process nor engage in restraint of trade
    4) members of such orgs are liable for any actions as in (3) above viv-a-vis lost income + damages
    5) California boards meet FTC view on ‘trade org’
    6) There’s a template for filing affidavit to FTC; if unable to find, and you wish to pursue, please let me know.

    Be well—JB

    1. Is this you J Beck?

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