Coach’s Tip: Where has trust gone?

Data is everywhere.  Information is sorely lacking.  Managers and workers are overwhelmed by meaningless data.  Work data, personal data, news data, social media data, and life’s endless stream of data.

Humankind is creating far more information than anyone can sort, categorize, and put to use.  What is clear is that to operate effectively through these data fields we need to more heavily rely on other “trusted sources.” We are in the age of interdependence.

The organizations that excel have discovered discover how to tap people’s commitment and capacity to share data that has been transformed into information.

Here’s the rub.  In the cyber, world trust has become fungible.  In the cyber world unchecked rage, disagreement without facts, or opinions have often become more important than trust.  Trust requires consistency, seeing the big picture, looking down the road and checking one’s opinions, rages, reactions, and beliefs at the door.  Trust is based on focused listening, two-way communication, and a commitment to the common good.  Perhaps the most profound illusion of the cyber universe is that it matters.

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