Coach’s Tip: Is versus Will

Vision determines structures.
Without a vision, structures determine vision
Values reflect vision
If you don’t determine values, structure will determine them for you

Mindful Manager: Leaders create and live the vision. Managers transform the structure so it reflects the vision.

Symptoms of companies’ sickness:
1. I am my position
2. The enemy is out there
3. The illusion of taking charge vs. seeing how we contribute to our own problems
4. The Fixation on Events vs. seeing the long-term patterns of change that lie behind the events and from understanding the causes of those patterns. The primary threats to our survival, both of our organizations and of our societies, come not from sudden events but from slow, gradual processes.
6. The delusion of learning from doing what you are already doing.
7. The myth of the management team. Most management teams breakdown under pressure and they are incredibly proficient at keeping themselves from learning.

Mindful Manager: Leaders cure the company of its sickness. Managers keep it healthy.

The Mindful Manager offers simple tools and strategies for today’s manager.
See Kindle Book, The Mindful Manager

See my other works: Life ZonesPsychological Fitness,  and Going Sane

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