The Mindful Manager Update: Do you have benchmarks?

The Mindful Manager Update:  Do you have benchmarks?


  • When people are faced with problems that require creative solutions, many fall into a state of “functional fixedness”- thinking about the situations there are in in the most conventional ways.
  • Setting new benchmarks requires us to leave our comfort zone.

The question:  What are your benchmarks for your performance?

NOTES: The Mindful Manager ideas, concepts, and meditations offered for you to incubate. Don’t do anything. Definitely don’t work on them. Think of them as a breeze. Sometimes enjoyable. Other times not even noticeable.

Each of us develops external tools, strategies, and experiences. The Mindful Manager offers simple internal tools, strategies, and experiences created by you for you.


The Mindful Manager offers simple tools and strategies for today’s manager.
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See my other works: Life ZonesPsychological Fitness,  and Going Sane

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